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June 2009 - April 2010
Kamianets-Podilsky, Ukraine / Suceava, Borsec, Romania

I cut a branch of an old willow tree. Then, I brought it to my garden and planted. In three weeks, as it got accustomed to its new environment, new leaves appeared. Choosing this kind of tree, I was counted on its unpretentiousness and survivability: willow is a very cross fertile and it can be planted in any season except winter, simply, by sticking a branch of an adult tree into the ground. I had been taking care of this tree up until the next spring. Then I uprooted it, cut it into pieces, and took it to another land (Romania) where my piece was realized. This piece assumed a journey, both actual and metaphorical. The metaphorical one was a tranformation of the willow tree "body" into a means of narration.

Upon my arrival to Romania, I took one of the cuttings of the new willow tree and planted it. A young willow was adapting to a new place and developing along with my piece. Meanwhile, I prepared the rest of the tree to make a papyrus-like material out of it. Also, I cut and prepared my own dreadlocks to make a cylinder case to store this material. The process of "paryrus" making required using a wood plane to break the wood down into small strips. Then, I broke those strips down to about 1 centimeter in length. Eventually, I got a wood pulp, which I had to blend with water and boil several times until the wood was completely submerged. Next, I mixed wood slurry with gelatin and glycerin, and put this mix into a tray. When it became dry, it was my piece of "papyrus". In order to make a cylinder case, I wove my dreadlocks together. When it was ready, I rolled a "papyrus" sheet and sealed it inside of the case.

In this piece, I coupled the material from the environment with the material given by my own body. The "papyrus-like" rool was telling a story of the willow tree without words.