_____Names I Forgot___Wilderness and Household
_____Unknown Land___Un-distant Flights
_____Besar-Besaran Dan Ringan___House That Jack Built
_____Wording a City Space___Shipwreck___Willow




Concrete is a foundation that unifies contemporary infrastructure. Woven into the tissue of the land, it creates necessary links and divisions between elements. In this body of work, we repurpose once functional pieces of concrete and rebar found throughout Chicago’s urban landscape, to tell the story of structure, collapse and transformation of industrial remnants. We manipulate this, taken for granted, almost unseen material to highlight its presence in today’s city life.

Chicago is pierced by major viaducts and bridges that were used to transform it into the metropolis we know. Currently deteriorating, the city’s concrete arches and columns once supported the development of transportation and industry that shaped infrastructure of the Midwest. By working with industrial sites, we are touching on the history of the city and explore a marginal state of detritus becoming artifact.