_____Names I Forgot___Wilderness and Household
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Evolution of domestic appliances gradually shaped humans into creatures of comfort. Detachment from the wild introduced longing for escape from technological reality and return to the “simpler times”, but with an underlying fear being forced back to the wild.

Wilderness and Household: Coping with Comfort consists of four parts - Bubble Machine, Box-Fan Generator, Condenser and Air Filter. These four parts are connected through the elements and functions of domestic appliances and reimagining their place within consumption, preservation, sustainability and necessity. By altering the functionality of domestic appliances, we turn them into metaphors and reflect our dependency on these devices and our desire to brake free from them at the same time.

In the Bubble Machine we bring together two bellows and a transparent cylinder to create forge-like function. We replaced the medium of fire with the medium of water in order to produce soap bubbles. A cylinder filled with colorful bubbles introduces element of childish contemplation and two people operating the bellows can create their own play by blowing more bubbles and pushing them up with a stream of air.

Being an important part of production and household before the modern industrial era, bellows became vintage accessory serving rather aesthetical purpose in contemporary homes. In this piece, we repurpose an old technology and fill it with a new function, to play.

Mass production of goods led to evolution of leisure activities. People began to seek out different forms of entertainment instead of continuously making things for their household. We merge bellows, an outdated symbol of production, with bubbles, a simple form of momentary amusement to refer to that time in history when industrialized nations developed and forever changed our everyday needs.

The Box-Fan Generator consists of two box fans stacked face to face and a smaller oscillating fan. The top box fan is rebuilt into a wind turbine operating with a permanent magnet generator, while bottom box fan is drawing its power from a wall outlet. The bottom fan blows onto the propeller of the rebuilt box fan, causing it to generate a minimal amount of electricity to power the oscillating fan.

In this piece we show our dependence on power plant, our desire to utilize an alternative energy source, and the insufficiency of invested efforts to actually accomplish it. The device that, in fact, is entirely bound to the wall outlet and using a presence of green energy as a fashionable twist, is a reflection of contemporary market and absurdity of cultural trends.

The Condenser is made out of clear acrylic, aluminum, exposed cooling mechanism and a humidifier. Found inside of the Condenser is a common ice cube tray filled with frozen water. As the Condenser operates, condensation is produced on the outside of the acrylic, that is collected, transferred into a humidifier and dispersed back into the air to become condensation once again.

The freezer mechanism is integrated into a vitrine to expose the content and the process. The lack of insulation impairs the function of the mechanism by creating an overabundance of condensation.

This piece demonstrates three natural phases of water that move through a bizarre setup built by using familiar domestic objects. The natural process of element transformation is weaved into a dream-like apparatus emphasizing human manipulation of the environment.

The Air Filter is comprised of galvanized ducting, PVC hose and an activated carbon filter. Housed within the air filtration chamber, there is a typical wall outlet with a functioning Glade Plugin. There are two out-feeds on either side of the air filtration chamber. One of them is designed to scrub the Glade Plugin’s scent from the air and the other is to provide an actual Glade’s scent. Viewers are invited to press the button to activate either filtered or unfiltered air stream and inhale the air out of sniffing apparatus. The purpose of the Glade Plugin is to mask an unpleasant or natural odor as opposed to the air filter that is meant to purify and scrub. This piece presents two choices: one that favors easily available, carefree product and another that invests into a high maintenance permanent solution.

Wilderness and Household: Coping with Comfort is a constantly evolving body of work and we continue to develop pieces that reflect the paradigm of luxury and necessity, dependency and desire.