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My piece called Release took place partially in the museum and partially on the pond. This work assumed the willing participation of people who I invited to the contemplation. Release included fourteen boating transparent objects containing a candle on the bottom, a wick attached to a hand-crafted helium balloon and the computer installed in the museum. It was a short time piece, two hours roughly, the duration of which was determined by the process of burning. 

In the beginning, everyone who wished to participate received one invitation card in the museum and was supposed to gather in the gallery of museum at the appointed time. The intended participants and the visitors of the museum could see the place of performance on the screen of the computer monitor as a live video transmitted through the Internet. Next, I brought the group of fourteen people to the site where everyone picked one boating object and ignited the candle inside it. As soon as it was done, the participants released the boating objects from the bank. However, there was a string attached to each of them, which allowed everyone to direct a boat’s movement and determine how far it could go.

There was a central metal rod inside each piece, which served as a support for a waxed cotton rope. One end of the cotton rope was in the can holding the candle at the base of the boat; another end held a balloon floating in the air. The burning candle ignited the rope and a flame followed up the rod. At last, the flame came to the point where the rope was not attached to the metal rod. It caused the rope to snap and the balloon to fly away. The boating pieces remained on the water for a while if they still had flames on the bottom. The entire happening could be seen in the museum as a live video during the opening and as a videotaped footage during the rest of the show.