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Anna Nelson, The Study of What Remains. Yhelena Hall, And The Names I Forgot

- Plants and paradox at Comfort Station (by Chicago Tribune, July 6th, 2017)

Chornobyl: Impact and Beyond

- Chernobyl anniversary commemorated with art (by Brooke Pawling for Columbia Chronicle, April 25th, 2016)
- Exhibitions mark 30th anniversary of Chernobyl disaster (by Rachel Corbett for The Art Newspaper, April 26th, 2016)

Wilderness and Household

- Defiance in Decay (by Ani Bradberry at BmoreArt, July 2016)
- Art and Renewable Goods and Energy (by Amy Haddad at Art Diversions, August 13th, 2015)

Un-distant Flight

- Art Seen: Chicago. The Mission // Parallels // Part 2: Joshua Albers + Yhelena Hall (August 2013)

The House That Jack Built

- Проект Елены Карасюк «Дом, который построил Джек (by Tamara Zlobina for Art Ukraine, April 2011)

Wording a City Space

- Проговаривая городское пространство (by Tamara Zlobina for suplimentul Oberliht, October 2010)