_____Names I Forgot___Wilderness and Household
_____Unknown Land___Un-distant Flights
_____Besar-Besaran Dan Ringan___House That Jack Built
_____Wording a City Space___Shipwreck___Willow



BESAR-BESARAN DAN RINGAN (massive and weightless)


In this piece I aim to facilitate an organic process, to collaborate with nature. I initiate a creation of a large-scale piece that is not fully subjected to a human control but is self-constructing, and is in process of continuous transformation.

My piece is massive and weightless at the same time. Its structure is made out of one wooden pole and aircraft cable distributed along the perimeter of the piece. Each section of the cable is secured to the ground and pulled up to the top of the wooden pole and back to the ground on the other side of the perimeter. There are also horizontal rows of cable creating a grid like pattern. Inside of the structure, ground was gradually removed tapering three feet down in the deepest part. I planted English and Boston Ivy along the perimeter. After ivy becomes established in a new ground, I will complete the interior of the piece.

I am looking to express the relationship of the elements of my piece to the height of a human body. Humans perceive their surroundings based on their physical dimensions. I want to use a scale of a human body to shape a perception of my piece. Four openings in the front part of the piece are much taller than a height of an average person. At first glance, one could seem to use them as regular doorways without any obstacles. However, their sixty degree tilt will cause one to bend in order to step inside as if openings were low. I want to play with viewer’s expectations related to a common architectural form and the way they usually interact with it.
By removing up to three feet of the ground inside of the piece, I aim to reach juxtaposition with the exterior and the interior of the space. The space which seems smaller from the outside will expand in height when a viewer goes inside. Seemingly insignificant, a three foot descent is able to change the viewers’ perception of the inside height.

I aim to trigger wonderment in my viewers. I would like my piece to be accessible for exploring, open to the possibility to walk through it, around it, and spend time within it. As the ivy will cover the structure, it will blend with the surrounding hills and may be seen as an intriguing part of the landscape. But only in proximity of the piece, one will see its geometrical outlines and symmetry underneath the foliage. Giving the false impression of a massive landform from a distance, it will, in fact, be weightless as the inside of this landform is empty.