_____Names I Forgot___Wilderness and Household
_____Unknown Land___Un-distant Flights
_____Besar-Besaran Dan Ringan___House That Jack Built
_____Wording a City Space___Shipwreck___Willow




This body of work consists of sculptural objects that incorporate common indoor and outdoor plants with elaborate compositions placed into handcrafted containers. Every piece of this series is designed as a long-term plant habitat, well suited for the display in a gallery setting. For this body of work, I mostly choose resilient perennial plants, able to easily adapt to a new environment. Given enough space and necessary growing conditions, these plants will develop and alter my composition over the course of time.

In this series, I use plants that remind me of places I belonged to, people I used to know, and create a continuum of experience that gives me a chance to re-visit and re-think. By putting together plants that do not usually co-exist, I refer to the place where they can be found together - the memory.

By playing with the familiarity of organic and inorganic elements, I invite my viewers to share a sense of the uncanny. Ordinary things taken out of their everyday content and embedded into an illusory composition are loosing their practical sense, gaining a metaphorical one instead.

Inorganic elements such as blank CD, cell phone cables, electric wires and VHS tape connect us to the reality of the past few decades and are slowly becoming obsolete. By including them, I convey the idea of bordering the unknown, being a part of a transition from the forgotten to the unexplored, as from the past to the future.

Organic elements, such as cactuses, aloe plant and ivies, show a biological aspect of time. Currently immersed into the body my piece, they will soon dominate it, and eventually reclaim it like nature reclaims abandoned human habitats.