_____Names I Forgot___Wilderness and Household
_____Unknown Land___Un-distant Flights
_____Besar-Besaran Dan Ringan___House That Jack Built
_____Wording a City Space___Shipwreck___Willow




Kyiv, Ukraine

Previously, I was fascinated by the iconography and an icon as such, which I understood as a sacral but open space, where anyone is invited to install their own meaning, emotion, belief. This led me to the idea of penetration of the sacral into the mundane, which participates in shaping culture and tradition. In my series of graphics called Embroidery, I referred to the popular patterns for embroidery that each Ukrainian family has in possession. I aimed to reveal how the domestic, the national, and the symbolic can be mixed with the repressed, the shameful and the fetishistic. These images were printed on a special paper for technical drafts which is usually used for embroidery patterns. I made these images digital (meaning easily accessible) as opposed to embroidered, to emphasize the idea of adaptation of religious and folk imagery by the popular culture.